W Is For Wait

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So the last conversation was a pretty common,but strong one nonetheless. We spoke about men in relationships and why women become victims of potential and not circumstance. Aside from us being emotional and unconsciously hopeless romantics, alot of us are just like our mothers. We are nurturing , caring, protective and provide a sense of strength for men that they never would have experienced if it wasn’t for the love of a woman. We want that family unit that we either never had or had and want to duplicate. So we expect certain things and have these standards for the people we date to meet. We talked about the price of admission. Having a consult with ourselves about the one we love, to ensure that we are prepared to walk through the fire of whatever it takes to be with and fully love our person of interest. A very inticing piece if I must say so myself. Of course, I’d always prefer you to be the judge so here’s the link. http://truestaris.com/p-is-for-potential/

After such a compelling piece, I knew it had to be followed up with the males perspective. More so, because it just made sense. The question of “Do men ever wait for women in the same manner that we love them patiently while they get themselves together?” had way too many answers to not be documented by me. And I was only able to locate one article that actually spokeon such a topic. I personally know that we get tired of holding men down while they figure out what direction their lives are headed in. Alot of them are not just misguided and confused like we want to assume. On the contrary they are big dreamers lacking resource and recommendation, just like us. Of course it gets difficult when you and your partner aren’t what people like to refer to as “equally yoked”, but in our 20’s, who is?

Women are normally the partners expected to compromise in relationships. Our man, husband, life partner, however we address him gets a promotion , it’s up to us to uproot our entire lives, relinquish our careers and go where they’re headed. He has a big business venture that he wants to expound upon? We have to be the ones to be play the background and make sure the fort is stil being held down. But what happens when the grand scheme, isn’t so masculine? What happens when Wifey has the opportunity of a lifetime, or she’s tapping into her entrepreneurial spirit, are the men willing or even capable of waiting on us? What I’ve learned about succesful partnerships is that the first thing that has to go in order for it to remain a well oiled machine is pride. There can be no sense of pride in love. An emotion of that strength allows no room for fear of vulnerability. Pride prevents compromise. The “My way or the highway” mentality will surely curate friction or even worse, separation. “Men often times want to get to a place in their lives where they feel like they can be confident in their ability to provide, but they don’t always offer that liberty to women. It’s like a man can be a work in progress, but a woman… she better come off the shelf as perfect as a 10.” (Dr.J of Madame Noire)

It’s quite easy to expect that, but expectations lead to great disappointment. I’m currently in a relationship that has changed my entire perspective on the way that things could go. I met my partner at the same job I work now and watched him progess ahead of me. He now makes more and I’m still in the same position, but I’m chasing this writing dream. He understands it, he even supports it as I’ve mentioned so many times. We split the bills, he pays all the rent and I pick up the utlities. It has been offered to me the opportunity to leave my job once my dream begins to expand. Although I don’t make as much as he does, I still make sure that our home life is equal. He never makes me feel inferior or anything and constantly reiterates that he doesn’t mind being the primary spender. He actually prefers it, he wants to take care of his family. I may not be on his level monetarily, but we are both aware of the asset I am to this relationship. So waiting on me to “catch up” is worth it. It’s an investment, rather than a bill. I don’t ask for hardly anything and that only makes it easier to him to volunteer giving me the world. We make it work for our family. He also doesn’t mind playing the background to my grind. Sometimes he wakes up and I’ve been awake working for hours. He seldomly complains and picks up the slack. And it is immensely appreciated. I said all that to say regardless of who brings home more or whose life requires more attention and work, men always have the opportunity to lead. And contrary to popular belief women want a man that is so confident in his masculinity and his role in her life that that stipulations don’t matter. He’s still her king & she his queen.

Would you wait on the perfect woman if she wasn’t perfect when you met her?

With Love,
Storie Stone

The Storie Will Be Televised

Straight From His Mouth: Do Men Wait On Women Or Do They Just Move On?

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