WATCH: Solange’s Beautiful And Powerful Video For “Don’t Touch My Hair”

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If by now you don’t have Solange’s  new “A Seat At The Table” album, you need to retire whatever music you’ve been listening to for a while and keep this on repeat for the next week and get your life. You will feel refreshed and anew. One of the best things about it is that it was released completely FREE on Youtube, which has a big message in itself, especially since the recent rise of exclusive album releases on paid music streaming platforms.

With this album, Solange just came through in all ways. This is a beautiful album. She spoke the feelings of our hearts. My favorite track so far is “Don’t Touch My Hair” featuring Saba. I relate to this song so much. It’s not directly about hair, but the fact that she chose to personify hair to represent the meaning of this song is so powerful, especially since she is a black woman.

The only thing that could’ve made this track better is a mesmerizing visual, and she over delivered. Although this album is free on Youtube, you can order a physical copy, and even get it on vinyl, which is accurate because this album should be considered a classic. This album has shown that Solange is really a modern day Sade.

Just enjoy this!

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