[WATCH THIS] “What You See Is “Not” What You Get”

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Recently a video went viral showing the students at Morgan Park High School involved in physical altercations and other poor behavior during school hours. The things that were done in the video are not justified because it shows disrespectful, reckless, and dangerous behavior. All CPS schools have issues like these in their schools. Although Morgan Park is portrayed as a bad high school, it still has a lot of positive things to offer and students should take advantage of what’s available to them.

When it comes down to academics, Morgan Park has Advance Placement program, IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma Program, and ONEGOAL. As far as extracurricular they have a various of clubs like baseball, basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, football, cross country, soccer, the band, R.O.T.C, yearbook, chess club, and more. These are all things students should take advantage off.

The National Honor Society is an award bestowed to students by the facility council, to recognize their scholarship, character leadership and service. Morgan Park’s Class of 2017 had a 98% graduation rate. 88 percent of the students in that class were accepted into college. 10 percent will go into the workforce. 2 percent have enlisted in the military, while $6,201,987 was given in scholarships.

Not saying it’s going to be the same thing for everyone, this is just something to think about. When you involved in after school programs or school clubs, your time is occupied with positive involvement. Morgan Park isn’t a bad school and despite the recent video, there are plenty of success stories that uphold the school’s belief in developing the next generation of leaders.

Victoria Miles, Junior, Morgan Park High School

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