What About DREAM?

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Through the midst of leaked nudes, domestic violence and cheating allegations, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna forget the one person who will be affected in the long run: their daughter Dream. Bullying and emotional distress are just a couple affects that this situation may have on the little girl as she grows up and becomes old enough to understand everything.

Over these past few weeks the madness that has happened between them has been displayed for everyone to see. This is nothing new for celebrities like them, but what is new, is the eight-month-old baby that they recently brought into this world together.

Thanks to the Internet and world wide web, everything ever posted, shared or messaged about their family drama is out there forever. FOREVER. Many people fail to realize that once you post something, there is no turning back. So in Dream’s case when she gets older and starts going to school she will most likely be questioned and may even be made fun of because of this situation. Her mom’s explicit personal pictures, her possible new stepdad, and her dad’s selfless acts will all still be on the Internet years later for her to find out for herself.

Confusion will start to arise as she is going through the process of finding out about her parent’s drama that happened when she was a baby. Depending on how everything works itself out, Dream may still be with both of her parents due to the “joint custody” that Chyna has arranged, but it still won’t be the same as if she was to live and grow up with both of her parents in the house. This new aspect of her life will change her as it changes many other kids that grow up in a “broken home.” The Daily Mail states that, “Children from broken homes are five times more likely to suffer damaging mental troubles than whose parents stay together.” Even though Dream isn’t your typical child, she does have famous parents and family. This static can still pertain to her in the long run.

Jasmine Holloway, College Freshmen, Clark Atlanta University

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