What’s Done In The Dark

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Jay Z. Dwyane Wade. Offset. Kevin Hart. What do all four of these elite men have in common?

Besides being young and rich.

They have all broken the trust of the women that love them by allowing another woman into their world.

Recently, Offset and Cardi have come forward about the trouble in their paradise. There has been some specualtion of the cheating fiasco that may involve instagram famous model, Faith Nketsi. Videos shot in October of 2017 ,the same month that Offset proposed to Cardi, have surfaced of him and the South African native. She’s a beauty, but she’s no Cardi. All of you know I’m a Cardi stan! This entire debacle started Christmas day when a hacker released explcit videos via (iCloud) of Cardi and Offset. The video shows the back and side profile of an unidentified woman (allegedly believed to be Faith) half naked and dancing while Offset films. He says “No shots” as the young lady continues on. Cardi has bottom implants and we think that was a direct jab to her. Cardi later confirmed that it is in fact Offset in the video, but they are now fine.

Beyonce’ and Jay Z, the crowds favorite have also experienced infidelity. New York executive editor Dean Baquet did an interview where Jay Z said his painful childhood affected who he is today, including his interaction with women. Kevin Hart went on social media and said he feels like there’s a target on his back. Which I thought was a complete joke and only added salt to a deep cutting wound within his marriage. Our beloved Dwyane Wade had a break baby on one of the world’s most beautiful women, Gabrielle Union. Only for her to write a book and let all of her supporters know that she actually couldn’t conceive. The kind of scary part about all of this is the fact that all four of these couples are still together and appearing to be happy.

Which makes me wonder, are we back in the olden times where cheating was ok?

Cheating isn’t the end all be all of relationships obviously, but at what point do women draw the line? What isn’t acceptable? What about a relationship has more power than leaving the person that hurt you more than you’ve ever been hurt, and taking the time to rebuild your heart and confidence? I didn’t understand it. I’ve never had any sort of conversation with these four women, but what I do know is infidelity breaks the spirit. It breaks you down and makes you question yourself. You begin to wonder if it was your fault and if you had just done a little more of something else, he wouldn’t have strayed. When the reality is, you can be the perfect woman in all aspects of the statement and if a man wants to go and do him, he will. No matter how close, or how far you all may be in the relationship, best friends or just getting to know one another. If he decides that he wants something on the side in addition to you, he’ll do him and just suffer the consequences later.

What’s even more funny to me about the cheating fiascos is that if the tables were turned, nothing in me believes that these four men especially, would stay with the women they’ve hurt with their lies and disloyalty. Let’s take the theory of “ownership” out of the equation, because people like to view monogamous relationships as managed property that is encased by in depth emotion. Another topic for another day, of course. Cardi is very open about her sexuality and the fun she likes to have with women, so Offset, why cheat? Beyonce’ is head over heels for Jay Z, so I believe in my heart that she’s on the same wave, just a lot more quiet. Why cheat? I want to say that in these relationships is was about power. They stepped out because of how it made them feel, not considering their partner. I’ve heard men say sleeping with another woman while in a relationship doesn’t mean that they don’t love their partner and stand strong behind it. They think that as long as there’s no emotional attachment, that they haven’t wronged anyone. Sadly mistaken. But we are wrong when we pull a Mariah Carey and sue them for wasting our time. I’m never one to tell you to leave your man, but please love yourself enough to know when enough is enough.

We’ll chat.

With Love,

Storie Stone

The Storie Will Be Televised

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