What’s R. Kelly’s Latest Song Really Admitting To?

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If you haven’t heard already, Mr. Bump and Grind is back at it again! Multi-platinum Grammy award-winning R&B legend Robert Kelly also known as “R. Kelly” decided it was time to address everything that has been in the media about him for the last two decades. Since 1994 Kelly has been under public ridicule for engaging in sexual relationships with younger and underaged girls. You would think he did a sit-down interview to finally break this silence, but of course he did it the best way he knew how—with a song.

Kelly recently released a 19-minute song titled “ I Admit,” and I must admit he was talking about a whole lot in the song. The lyrics were pretty shocking. In recent news, Kelly was accused of having a sex cult where he was training young girls to engage in sexual conduct with him, each other and others. A few of the girls have come forward with their stories saying, “He was very manipulative and abusive.” Well, here’s what Kellz had to say about that: Say I’m abusing these women What the f** that’s some absurd s**. They’re brainwashed, really? Kidnapped, really? Can’t eat, really. Real talk, that s** sound silly. He went on to say, “If you really want to know her father dropped her off at my show and told this boy put her on stage. I admit that she was under age. I admit that I was feelin’ her and I admit that she was feelin’ me.”

Sounds like somebody was admitting to messing with little girls, but that’s for you all to decide. This is the age of #MeToo and lots of people just aren’t having it. Several of his concerts around the world have been cancelled such as Chicago, North Carolina and many other places. Even Spotify decided to remove his music from all its playlists and algorithmic recommendations.

Regardless of what he has to say, his fan base continues to remain loyal and the reason why we may never know. One can only assume multiple things: They still love his music; his personal life isn’t their concern. I really don’t know, but I asked a few people 18-25 if they believed he was telling the truth. Here’s what they had to say:

I feel as if he should have a group of people behind him that should support him until given reason otherwise. As far as I know he hasn’t been found guilty of any of the standing accusations. If I were a die hard fan I would support him until there is an indisputable evidence or a jury reaches a verdict” – 18-year-old male

“I personally believe him. I haven’t been given a valid reason not to. With him being an international celebrity, I do think its unheard of for people to try and tarnish his legacy and attempt to sue him for all he is worth, whether he is guilty or not.” – 25-year-old male

“He still has fans because he hasn’t served any jail time for the accusations being made and they aren’t overshadowing his music. I do think the women who are accusing him are stretching the truth to get a dollar. It’s two sides to every story.” – 21-year-old female


By BreNae Scott, Senior, Alcorn State University

IG @im_alikamarie

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