What’s The Moves At The Movies?

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For all you movie lovers, here’s some movies to look forward to the rest of 2018. These movies right here are definitely something you should make some moves for with friends or family.

Unfriended: The Dark Web / Release Date: July 20

For all the people that have never seen Unfriended, it mainly focuses on the use of technology and how it can be used for bad things. Now I’ve personally never seen a movie on the dark web so this should be pretty exciting and wake some people up on how dangerous the internet can be!


The Nun / Release Date: September 7

For all you supernatural fans, you’ve probably been waiting on this movie since The Conjuring or the unsettling trailer released of the new film a month ago. I will definitely be seeing this movie once it hits the theatres. This is new insight into the more sinister story before The Conjuring, Annabelle.

Venom / Release Date: October 5

For all the Marvel fans, you’ve probably already been anticipating the arrival of this movie. Venom has been classified as one of Marvel’s most enigmatic, complex, and bad ass characters to come to the big screen.

Halloween / Release Date: October 19

For all you slasher horror film lovers, you’ve probably been anticipating this for a while! It’s been 16 years since the last Halloween movie and I personally can’t wait to see Jamie Lee Curtis return to the big screen again.

Creed II / Release Date: November 21

Y’all already know what’s going on! Creed will finally be returning to the big screen one more time with Michael B. Jordan, who will be portraying Adonis Creed, as he prepares for his match against the son of Ivan Drago who’s dad is (if you didn’t know) the cause of Apollo Creed’s death.

Which movie are you looking forward to see the most? Tell us in the comments?

By Kayla Dismukes, Junior, Kenwood Academy

Twitter: @badgalkxy

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