When Do You Code Switch Most?

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Have you ever been around someone and they act a certain way, but when they get around their parents or their other friends, they act like a whole new person. Many of us might call it “being fake,” but this is called code switching.

Many of us become an actor when getting into serious trouble with our parents or the law. Amani Jackson a freshman at Eastern Illinois University says, “When I’m around my mother, I’m respectful, in control, but still funny. When I’m around my friends I’m funny, wild, loose with my words, and I play too much.” When around our parents we can’t truly be ourselves; we kinda have to be in control of all of our actions.

These kinds of patterns don’t just happen when we are around our parents, it also happens when you’re around your best friend or most of your friends/associates. There are friends that have been close since grade school, but when starting high school, they begin to see changes in each other’s personality when meeting new people. Jl’ynne Askew, a freshman from University of Chicago, says “It might just be little things, but there are some differences I see in my friend’s personality like when they’re around other people. They don’t laugh as much when they’re around me.”

We are mostly ourselves when we are around people that bring us comfort, like family. Some people try to be someone or something they aren’t solely to fit in with other people. When around others we learn to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations turning us into someone we don’t recognize; leaving us open to the theory of code switching personalities.


By Myiesha Jamieson, Freshman, Grambling State University

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