Where’s Ciara When You Need Her?

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So can we just address this entire video for a second?

The song describes a moment of sexual intercourse where wealth is attractive to Future obviously. In some way, the song was passionate, at least to Future. It was slow, sensual, and grown and sexy in a way.

The video to me, honestly looked like “the morning after”. Since the song was from the DS2 album I expected the video to be up to par like “Real Sisters”, or “Where Ya At?”.

Even “The Percocet and Stripper Joint” has a quality video, and I don’t even favor the song. The video was honestly the most mediocre thing that Future has ever done. It didn’t look “Rich”, the only thing that did look rich was the house.

And can we gather Blac Chyna for a quick second? Overall, this video had so much shade. It was released on Tyga’s birthday, and then Chyna goes and gets a “ future” tattoo on Ciara’s birthday.



Just like, c’mon you guys. This was a poor effort, and to be honest, the lap dance portion of Ciara’s “Body Party” video would’ve went better with the song.

To me, there was no chemistry between Chyna and Future. Chyna looked simple, there was nothing passionate about it, and I expected more.



I would’ve added a silhouette of Future receiving a lap dance from Chyna. That would’ve been better. There shouldn’t have been any lone shots of Future either, because it took away from the chemistry that the video was supposed to have.

As a member of #FutureHive, he could’ve done better.

Can we call in Ciara for this one, to show Chyna how it’s done?



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