Why I Went Natural

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michelle_hairObama’s longtime stylist Johnny Wright told Refinery29 that she’s worn her hair naturally since 2009. However, she typically wore her hair straightened, though he didn’t offer a reason why.

After watching my First Lady, Michelle Obama rock her natural tresses for 8 years as the female leader of the “free world” I was not only honored to see her, but I was happy that I was black and curly just like she is. I’ll use present tense because in my mind she’s still my First Lady. I like to believe that I’m accidently natural however. These curls were part of the plan, they just couldn’t be tamed after while. Both of my hair stylists were my aunts,so I trusted them because they were licensed cosmetologist, so I didnt think they would do anything to damage my lovely mane.
Only thing is, I went to school in Louisiana and they were in Chicago. Semesters are 4 months long and I didnt have the cash or the time to continuously run to the city when I was so many weeks post relaxer.

I would come home for Spring, Summer or Winter Break and have 4-6 inches of new growth after wearing a sew in for the entire semester. Id wash it, blow dry, and moisturize my real hair while it was wound up and it grew like crazy. In March of 2013, my aunt declared that she would no longer add relaxer to my head, asking “Why you just wont go natural?” The answer was I didnt want to, I didnt know what my natural texture was and I didnt care to learn. All I knew was when I had a “perm” my hair was laidt! It grew real long, but it was kind of thin and to be perfectly honest it was way more maintenance than being a curly girl.

My new growth over powered my relaxed hair and pretty soon all of my hair was unintentionally curly. I decided to go ahead and let it grow out and see what it would look like. Yall, I fell in love! I couldnt figure out why I hadnt done it before and ever since then I frown my face at the thought of creamy crack touching my hair. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to feel more …black, closer to my roots if you will. Society makes it easy to want to look the part of whats “acceptable” to them. Long, black, relaxed hair looks more tamed and conforming. The Black Panthers wore afros and dared some one to utter a word about their decision. April 3,2017, First Lady pulled her natural back and was ridiculed for the photo that emerged, she cared none and proceeded to rock like the black girl she is!

The natural hair movement has open my eyes to what I thought would just be a trend and soon die out. But I was wrong and I’m so happy about it. My hair means alot to me as I’m sure it does all Naturales, so just to make sure that we all understand the struggle is real, but it’s worth it Ill give some good tips on what helps my hair grow.

Co wash- Washing your hair with conditioner!
This is so important because sometimes those of us who live in really hot places, like myself, in Georgia, we have to keep our hair moisturized. The products that we use to keep the curls poppin’ can and will dry out so you want to make sure you have a good conditioner with NO sulfates and NO parabens. If it’s water based, even better, I like Garnier Fructis.

Essential oils- More moisture and sealants
Almond, Coconut, Argan, Tea tree, Olive, are just my top among all of the others. I also love aloe vera, I use it for just about everything. It’s natural and it holds really well.

Protective styles- Low maintenance! Low maintenance! Low maintenance!
You know how they say if you plant a seed, water it and let the sun do it’s thing? Same with your hair. Braids, sew in, buns, wigs, all of that will help you retain length and make sure that your hair is protected.

Trim-Clip those ends!
The ends of your hair are the oldest and of course the driest. So it’s important to keep a trim. My stylist (@ffrenchieee) located in Atlanta, Ga at The Gregory Banks salon recommended a trim every 4-6 weeks depending on thickness and dryness. I hated getting my ends clipped before, but once I realized the benefits it held I was asking about it every time I got in the chair and so will you!

Hope these things helped, I’m still getting my hair to where I want it to be, so we’re on this journey together girls and boys!

With Love,
Storie Stone

The Storie Will Be Televised

B R I L L I A N T. Successful Project Product. Proud Black Sheep and all around Thoroughbred. 26. Planted in Chicago,IL | Blossomed in Atlanta, GA

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