Why We Love Michelle Obama

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Michelle Obama once said, “Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.” Many will agree that she is someone who has made a difference.

This amazing woman is celebrating a birthday today, January 17 (#Capricorns, stand up!). She serves as a guiding light for Black women, representing the natural strength of Black women and power in a world suppressing them every chance it can get. A Harvard and Princeton graduate, and the only first lady to hold two ivy league degrees, Michelle, as she is lovingly called by many, has proved she is more than just Barack Obama’s wife.

As first lady from 2008 to 2016 (we’re praying for eight more years in office! #Michelle2020!), she has accomplished numerous improvements to American society alongside her hubby. For example, in 2010, Michelle launched Lets Move!, a movement against childhood obesity. Although all the tasty vending machine snacks were replaced with low fat snacks throughout our schools, we don’t struggle with the Pacer test in gym anymore, so thank you, Michelle. Whether providing healthier food to kids in schools or helping kids be more physically active, Michelle’s program helped to combat the epidemic of obesity within this generation.

Growing up on Chicago’s very own south-east side, Michelle attended Whitney Young, a school known for prestige and Black excellence. She has worked hard all her life to earn a name for herself, as a disadvantaged Black woman in American society, and refrained from the title of being merely “a wife.” Michelle has earned her status through education and poise.

As a Black woman, Michelle has had to maintain a perfect image in media, whereas other first ladies, such as Melania Trump, can be photographed naked with no consequence, while Michelle could not be seen wearing a dress “too short” without negative comment. But, Michelle has lived up to, and exceeded, her unfair and unfortunate expectation of perfection. Media was in shock recently when Michelle was pictured wearing a skirt with a slit after Obama’s presidency. Even Sasha and Malia Obama caught some slack for mere, normal teenage behavior. Behind all the criticism they receive, the Obama family as a whole has remained graceful. Michelle once stated, “When they go low, we go high.” The statement is simple, but is a perfect example of the class act that she has proven to be.

It’s clear why we love Michelle Obama so much; her positive, and determined attitude seems to radiate into our daily lives. She is effortlessly one of the greatest Black women in history to do it. I love you Michelle. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

By Sullivan Anderson, Sophomore, Jones College Prep

Snapchat: justcallmesully

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