Why You Mad?

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IMG_0670“PSA: Not having kids is not an accomplishment weirdos” is what the post that sent social media in a frenzy reads. Between Facebook and Instagram, things got pretty confrontational when the kiddies were brung up. It was mainly women in the comments going back and forth about who won at life and who didn’t because they weren’t parents.

In this day and age, you would think there were more important things to argue with your peers about. Global warming, inexplicable climate change, rape cultures up rise ? But no, the discussion that is ruffling feathers is whether or not deciding to birth a child into this very backwards world is an accomplishment. But of course when life choices are the topic of conversation, the dialogue is laced with sensitivity. I’ve always prided myself as a very genuine and understanding person.

But as a woman who is very aware that she wants children, I am also just as aware that mentally I’m ill prepared. At this point, I’ve endured major life changes, all by sole choice. I don’t think that not having children is an accomplishment by no means. But I believe that understanding how the dynamics of that child’s life can be drastically different based on my decisions is. Not having children is always a personal choice, but to brag about it is when the issue comes for me. #TeamNoKids as if children choose to be here or not.

I’ve never had a braggadocios spirit and I’m not proud of why I had to make those choices that caused changes I can not reverse. So an accomplishment? I wouldn’t go that far. I just never felt like I was better than any parent simply because I wasn’t one. As a product of a single mother I’m sure that I don’t have the patience to fight like she did or any of our single moms did. Mine had the strength to do it 3 times over?! Parents are resilient because they don’t have a choice. And the choice they did have, they chose the opposite.

Everything from the moment of birth with that child is the parents responsibility. From a birds eye view, it takes a lot to push your own selfish agendas aside and completely focus on the health and success of the life you helped create. So if women and men who are parents feel like they’ve accomplished something by having children, I agree with you. There are families out here that want that joy,that laughter, the continued legacy. But there are others who know themselves well enough to understand that although there’s no proper time to make such a drastic adjustment to their lives, it’s better to at least go in with a plan.

I like to think there are lots of women in the world that are much like myself. No shade. But we want to be baby mamas to our husbands. I applaud the women who do it alone, I just don’t yearn to be one of them. A simple matter of preference, standard even. Knowing your standards and the standards of the person you’re sleeping with unprotected is important. Knowing these will help you when it’s time to decide between birth control or breast milk.

With Love,

Storie Stone

The Storie Will Be Televised

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