XXL Freshman Class Review….

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So out of everyone that was nominated for XXL’s freshman class, this is the cover.


Yes I’m mad. It’s not like everyone on the cover is trash but against the people that I would’ve had on the cover they are. I listen to just about everyone on the cover but they aren’t XXL worthy. So what I’m going to do is justify with myself and y’all why or why not some of these artists deserve to be on here.

Why not Kamaiyah: She’s not ready. I haven’t heard anything good from her that didn’t involve YG. Like she was good on all her features, but when it comes to her own tracks, she’s wack and offers no excitement for me and my ears.


Why Kamaiyah: She is one of the first in a while to be coming from the west coast. She’s like a rap SZA. She has this hard backing from the boy’s club and she’s using the talent that she has to push her towards the top.

Ultimately: That push towards the top is going to take so long that people will indeed forget about her and I don’t really care. My replacement for her would be Cardi B for reasons already explained. I would’ve loved to see Cardi in a black mink on this cover. Especially after the pop off from Bodak Yellow!



Why not Playboi Carti: I think the only reason I know who this is, may be because 65% of my friends are young men that enjoy trash ass music. With that being said, Carti hasn’t done anything sufficient enough for him to ever be featured on a 3B13DD41-D369-494C-B130-1690686E6B12cover of XXL. Speaking about the culture, him being on XXL’s freshman class is like Martha Stewart being on VIBE. Issa dead mission.



Why Playboi Carti: ………….. I tried, but I can’t come up with a reason why he is actually on here.

Ultimately: Like I said Issa dead mission. I do like his song with Uzi, “Magnolia”,  and “Broke Boi” though.






Why not A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie: He’s too new and hasn’t put in work like everyone else. He has this huge commercial push but where are his features with vets? Where are his multiple radio plays?

Why A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie: I think dude really deserves it y’all. He has this cool little flow and he understands his place in the Hip Hop totem pole. He knows he’s new and he knows he has a long way to go, but with this XXl cover, he’ll get that extra push that he needs to get to the top. aboogie_headerimage

Ultimately: I’m excited that he has this platform now but I need for him to not make me mad by not milking it.






Why not XXXTentacion: He is a demon. And I’m saying like demonic character. Him being on the cover is honestly a sick joke. They need to stop kidding with this.

Why XXXTentacion: [n/a]

Ultimately: I am guilty and actually admit that there are two songs of his on my phone. And they both give me horrible anxiety if they come on shuffle while I’m driving. 17934208_206382519852312_7331244024465981440_n


I waited until the end of the summer to see what everyone would be doing and maybe I would go back on some of my words, but no everything stayed the same. The only two people who have worked hard in my opinion are Kap G and PnB Rock. But then again I haven’t heard anything but “Everyday We Lit” from PnB Rock since the beginning of the summer.

I’m a hip hop head and for some strange reason I feel like XXL is losing credibility with me, which is bad! Tell me what you guys think in the comments or on any TrueStar social media. Who do you think could be on next year’s cover?

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