XXL Freshman: Shay’s Thoughts

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I would just like to begin by saying that this entire freshman class is trash besides two or three people, who I’ll tell y’all about later.

I’m not going to do the entire class because:

  1. I feel like it would be a waste because only 4 people of this class have a different sound
  2. I’m actually highly upset about this class and I’ll end up ranting
  3. I think I already said the entire class is trash

But for now, we can talk about Ms Stefflon Don.

First off, why has there never been more than one woman on a freshman class cover? I get that hip-hop is and will probably always be a boys club, but damn. At this point in Hip Hop, there are far more talented freshman class ready and worthy females than males.

Stefflon, the Island Spitter coming all the way from London, is talented according to industry standards today. She’s pretty, personable, has rap ability with low bars but that’s not too important.  Nowadays this is what makes every female rapper important, and probably is the reason why it’s only ever one female in the class.

For example, Nicki is really successful because we expect and allow her to come with something new (ex: Chun Li is nothing like Anaconda) but Saweetie could never. Not to mention that Cardi B hasn’t been on a freshman class cover yet is crazy and at this point she’s bypassed it. I just think that what Stefflon has brought to the rap game so far isn’t enough for Freshman Class of 2018 accolades.

At best she’s like in the 6th or 7th grade class, but not freshman.

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