YK Management Presents: The ALL American Fashion Show

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This past weekend thousands of woman spilled into the McCormick Convention Center to attend the 2017 Black Women’s Expo. And I was truly honored to be one of them! It was such a beautiful site to see all shades of women supporting each other’s businesses, talents, arts, and ect.

I was even more honored to attend one of the two of YK Management’s fashion shows. YK Management is owned by #GIRLBOSS Yoshimi Kiosha. She was the executive producer of the show and I must say it was BOMB! The show was hosted by Kat from VH1’s hit show Black Inc Chicago.

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The female models were amazing. Each of them had their own style as they strutted the runway. All the models had an identical crown braid hairstyle. I appreciated this most because they all looked in unison.


The male models were handsome and swagged out! Their walks were smooth and dashing.

I loved that there were moments where the male and female models interacted with each other because it brought versatility to the show and it kept the audience’s attention. Some of the guys would look at the girls as they walked past and playfully grab them. There was also a moment where they walked down the runway as couples and I feel like this represented #BlackLove. This show was very well thought out and full of creativity.



The show featured 10 designers the from the Chicagoland area and they each brought something different to the table.


Eptiome Boutique offers clothing for both men and women. This boutique offers form fitting pieces for any occasion.  The men’s line has amazing denim, jogging pants, and more.


Edward Ark is a quality clothing brand that offers tee shirts, hats, and undies for both men and woman with catchy slogans printed on them.


Addison and Clark offers bomb bombers that represent every part of Chicago. They also have brightly colored pieces with catchy slogans such as, “Barney’s Bandits” printed on them.


Hoop legend is owned by Nikki B who is one of the stars of Lifetime’s “Bringing Up Ballers.” She teamed up with Chicago Playground to create customized varsity Jackets.


Idrine Bishweka offers pieces for the modern day woman. Eye appealing West African prints are mixed with basic colors to give this line a dazzling look.


Eden Brand serves up comfort and style with there stretchy, form fitting apparel. These looks can be worn day or night.


Khamryn B offers fashion forward styles. These pieces are statements that are incorporated with lace, feathers, and many other unique fabrics.


Her treasures is owned by  Stacey Emerson. There motto is to keep women “covered and classy”.  Their exclusive styles meet every woman’s fashion needs.


GIDI offers luxury woman’s apparel. This line is definitely for the sophisticated women. If you work for corporate America this line is for you!


CBN offers dresses for any kind of woman. These pieces are intricately made to stand out and stun!


The pieces I saw hit the runway were absolutely stunning. There was not one piece I did not like. These designers worked very hard, so I suggest that if you are looking for something to wear for any upcoming occasions..SHOP with them!


After the show I was excited that I was able to steal the CEO away for a couple minutes to ask her some questions that I was anxious about asking.

How long did you prep for this show?

-one month

What were you looking for when you started picking designers for the show?

– I was looking for designers who had contemporary styles, runway looks,  sporty looks, business casual attire…I wanted to incorporate all types of styles in the show.

Did you hand pick your models, if so what were you looking for?

-Yes, I  was looking for fresh faces, but I also wanted them to to have some experience. I also was looking for professionalism.

Who was your makeup artist and hairstylist for the show?

– Tiffany Shelly(IG: tiffanystylezglamourously) was the hair stylist and Raven Jasmine Evelyn (IG: jay_evelyn) was the make up artist

Do you have any upcoming shows or any projects that we can look forward to?

– I am preparing for Chicago Fashion Week, the Ultimate Women’s Expo, and also a kids fashion show

Look out for YK Management’s upcoming fashion shows! I know you will not be disappointed!


If are looking to have YK management represent you please visit ykmodelandtalent.com and apply.

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I am a 25 year old from 219, Indiana. I love shopping for pieces that are different and that I know nobody else will have! But one thing I hate about shopping is going broke doing so. Throughout the years of me working in retail, I have picked up a lot of tips and tricks for saving LOTS of money when shopping. I also go against trends by Vintage shopping. I find pieces that I can pair together to create works of art. You can call me a penny pincher, but I'll look BOMB while pinching my pennies :)

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