You Can Touch My Hair!

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Everybody knows that hair is essential. There are many textures of hair. The issue is that we don’t see enough black hair care products, so we don’t see a lot of black hairstyles .But the ladies of New York took it to the streets and held signs saying, “You Can Touch My Hair. “One had braids,one was permed,and one was natural. It was an experiment to let people see the many textures of black women’s hair.

Lets be real–shall we? White women have one texture of hair. Long and soft. Black women have all kinds of textures of hair that are not shown in the media. Lets recall India Arie’s song “I am not my hair. “She showed so many hairstyles in the video. Black women all over need to show their hair. This was a good experiment and people liked it. We need to do this in Chicago too.

I personally don’t like people touching my hair but if I had to do this experiment I’d let them.

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