YOU GO BOYS! [Superfly 2018 Review]

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It was the day after graduation and staying home was the last thing I wanted to do, so seeing this movie was the best I could do in such a short time.

And BAABY! That was probably the best last minute decision I’ve ever made.

Honestly, the only thing that excited me about this movie was the fact that Future is a producer and it was definitely needed for him to fill that role but I’ll explain that later. The trailer seemed fun, but knowing the RnB, “Trey Songz Jr” type artist that Trevor Jackson is, I didn’t expect much. I also didn’t really care too much for the storyline of SuperFly(72), or it was infuriating at least.

I mean it’s blaxploitation, so was it really that good of a movie anyway? Feel offended. The only people that I’ve heard say something bad about this film are those who are in love with the first, or were old enough to have seen Buzz Aldrin touch the moon. Like this movie wasn’t for y’all old butts. And maybe I’m exaggerating with the Buzz comment, but my point is the movie was dropped in two different generations, a cast, director, and production team that are polar opposites, and most importantly a completely different purpose and vision.

The old Superfly wasn’t about showing the hustle and growth of an empire (not a positive one of course but nonetheless an empire). The older version was more focused on Superfly as a man and legend. His decisions, and his triumphs. This remake was needed being that this story is somewhat essential to black culture, but the Cadillacs and extra funk from Curtis Mayfield that are embodied by the 1972 version aren’t. The style and everything about the old version are important and deserve to be marveled but people are going through hell and back to say that this version was trash, and I won’t stand for it. None of us need another light-skinned brother with a perm on screen but it was sure good to see one.

I can go all day and attack the haters of this exquisite piece but the piece itself is so much more important.

First of all, kudos to the production team for getting Director X on this. In my book, the level of hip hop directors goes like this: Hype Williams is number one, then Benny Boom, then Director X, Diddy, and Dame Dash. Everybody else really don’t matter, but Director X has brought us our favorites, from “Same Girl” to “Hot Line Bling“. The angles weren’t on the level of Hype Williams, like there weren’t any really cool shots that we can put on t-shirts, but that was balanced because every other aspect of this movie was like your favorite hip-hop music video.

Director X is definitely “the Hugh Hefner of music visuals” as XXL proclaimed. Georgia (Lex Scott Davis) and Cynthia (Andrea Londo) looked like absolute bombshells. I had to cover my little brother’s eyes for the graphic scene between the two and Trevor but it was cinematically enjoyable. The only thing that I would’ve adjusted with the girls was Cynthia’s wig, sis deserved a lace front, or at least something with a plucked part. But hey, with a 16 million dollar budget ( 8% of what Black Panther had and not even a fourth of the average movie budget) you can’t have it all.







Before I move to what you all came for (the music), I am definitely a bigger fan of  Trevor Jackson now. Ladies he looked like Soul Food, forget a snack. Even with the perm. Trevor did his homework before playing this character and it definitely shows. I listen to his music differently now even, and I truly hope this role showcased his greatness enough to where his blessings for more roles will be flowing freely pretty soon.


This soundtrack enhanced my feelings towards this movie so much. I can’t imagine this movie without the soundtrack that was produced by somebody with a key to my heart; none other than Future. It was so Atlanta it was disgusting. From one track to the next, Future f*cking delivered and I am so glad I renewed my Apple Music subscription. I really cannot believe how amazing it really is. The beats had me dancing in my seat and the lyrics had me singing along on my way home. This album is full of solid ass tracks but I do have a couple favorites that really hit me:

“This Way” by Khalid and H.E.R. : This is the song that plays during the only real intimate moment through the movie. First of all the snippet that they used of the song and how they aligned it with what was going on was heavenly. The track itself is a match made in heaven to be honest. Khalid and H.E.R. give this generation our love songs and to have them together on a track is perfect. The song is about two lovers handing off the blame in a relationship, and I’m really glad that I can’t relate because the note that the both of them hit, together and individually would have me in tears.

“That’s How I Grew Up” by G Herbo and 21 Savage: “Yeah that boy getting bread Sara Lee or sumn”. I had to make my own lyrics because do y’all know how big this is for him g. Like he done passed Panera money. This is the closing song, like the one that started when the credits started, and I was told by my homie that when his theatre heard G Herbo they went ku (crazy). I’m so proud of Herb bro. But to the song, it’s the hood type up song that was needed at the end of the movie. I could Wop my life away to this track. Then 21 came on and I had to do a little jig in my seat even though my theatre was full of older people. “Shout out to G Herbo it’s a 21NoLimit thizang”.

This soundtrack actually made me feel like some of the tracks had the hustle sound of a different city. Like “That’s How I Grew Up” sounded like Chicago, “Walk On Minks” sounded like Atlanta, “Rep Yo Click” sounded like an L.A. track, “Money Train” sounded like New York City, and “Bag” sounded like Miami. The empires and legends built and made in each city could relate to each track.


Now although I kinda regret taking an 11 year old along for this film, he and I can both agree that this movie was AMAZING!

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