Youtubers Write Books Too!

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Hey Guys!

I’m sure many of you have found yourselves spiraling into the never ending hole of YouTube. With endless vlogs, storytimes, experiments, tutorials, questionnaires and so much more, it’s definitely easy to watch for hours upon hours.

This of course may result in someone saying “get off the computer/phone…read a book!” Well I have the perfect solution!

The YouTubers you know and love are not only responsible for content videos, but also novels!

Isn’t that amazing?

Below I’ve included some books by YouTubers, but remember there are way more than what’s mentioned here.

Jayla Koriyan (Beauty, Fashion, College, Vlogs)- “Pretty & Educated: The College Girl’s Guide to Everything”

The GlamTwinz (Beauty, Fashion, Vlogs)- The GlamTwinz Guide to Longer, Healthier Hair

LaToya Forever (Challenges, Pranks, Beauty, Vlogs)- Uncut Mishaps of a Youtube Star

John Green (Crash Course, Vlogs)- The Fault In Our StarsPaper TownsLooking for Alaska

Alfie Deyes (Challenges, Vlogs)- The Pointless Book

Josh Sundquist (Unboxing, Motivation, Vlogs)- We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarrassingly, a True Story

Shane Dawson (Skits, Testing, Reactions)-I Hate My Selfie

Connor Franta (Challenges, Skits, Motivation)- A Work in Progess: A Memoir

Joey Graceffa (Storytimes, Beauty, Vlogs)- In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World, Children of Eden

So next time you feel like indulging into some YouTube, support your favorite creator by picking up a copy of their book and checking it out!

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