Z-Verse Drops DOPE New Visual For Single “Never Gone” (Produced by Dr. Dexter) Directed By Alvin Elmore

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Ira Antelis is currently working on a new concept for a body of work he released this past December 2015 called “Gone But Not.” Young producer Dr. Dexter remixed Ira’s compilation of jazz songs and decided to release the second version “Duality.” Z-Verse, JoJizzle & Nikki Lynette are apart of this project and we will be releasing new music & videos from “Duality.” The third series of “Gone But Not” will feature Joey Purple, Vic Mensa & Saba Pivot and more spearheaded by LPeezy.

“Never Gone”, shot & Directed by Alvin Elmore, is visual art at its best conveying a special message of how people deal with life and death. The simple yet complex visual displays the years and dates of many black lives that have been lost to police brutality in the last few years. With each name being displayed and shown in an angelic light, “Never Gone” truly displays the essence of remembering people in an invigorating way, but leaving room for the hope of celebrating who they were. Its multiple scenery change takes you on a journey with Z-Verse as the focal point of the video, he serves as tour guide and a reminder that memories are the reason people are never gone.

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Info on DUALITY: 


The original sounds of “Gone But Not” are the culmination of a 40-year friendship between Antelis and Musiker. Over time, their careers diverged — Antelis became a successful composer and producer for commercials, movies, and theatre, penning a multi-million selling hit for Marc Anthony and working with such high-profile clients as Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Walt Disney, BB King, Etta James, Patti LaBelle, and Gloria Estefan. Musiker found his way as a jazz, classical, and Broadway musician, conductor, and orchestrator, sharing the stage with Tony Bennett for nearly 12 years. When they finally convened during the winter of 2015 in snowy Chicago, something extraordinary happened. “Gone But Not” was created, crystallizing a low-key, enduring legacy of mutual respect and admiration between the two.

Realizing that there are always two ways to tell every story, Dr. Dexter, a Chicago-born music artist, composer, and producer, took the original piano-based sounds of “Gone But Not” and imparted on them his own stylistic renderings. Dr. Dexter has written and produced for Grammy-award winning artists such as Mary J. Blige, R. Kelly, Ludacris, and Mark Ronson, and his work has been featured in HBO’s “Entourage” and various feature films and commercials. When Dr. Dexter reinterpreted the work of Antelis and Musiker, the duality in “Gone But Not” was born.

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